Doritos Rules
Online and Mobile Apps
2011 saw the launch of 2 successful, thematic, digital campaigns highlighting the ‘EXPLOSIVE FLAVOR OF DORITOS CHIPS’. To build on this success, Doritos wanted to expand and evolve the campaign into a further activation to evolve the propelling effect of Doritos chips, around the proposal that:


The digital activation had to be an extension of the TVC concept of a ‘character’ eating Doritos chips and being propelled into an unexpected situation that he is not prepared for.
Mobile adaptation of the menu structure
Chapter 1. The boxing match
Game intro and preloader.
The game begins with our Doritos character sitting at home eacting a pack of Doritos... the character eats a chip, he is automatically propelled out of his chair, into an unexpected situation.
The player lands in a boxing ring opposite a boxer. This is the point when the actual game begins.
Mobile adaptation of the app. The mechanism had to be changed as there is no keyboard to use. 4 buttons were placed on screen what lit up after each other in random timing and order. User is to tap to the button is being lit in the shortest time.
Chapter 3. The concert.
Chapter 4. The football match.
Chapter 5. The jungle.
Samples of Illustrations
Character design, Vector Illustrations
All the characters are designed to be rigged and animated. Isolated body parts.
Bruises and sweat apeare on the opponent during the game.
Changing facial expressions and extra details, drops spraying.
Front engined "Slingshot" Dragster from Chapter 2. Engine shakes, vibrates and throwing flames.
Guitarist character for Chapter 3.
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